A Test Battery for Assessment of Plural Processing in Aphasia Exploring Frequency (BAPPA-F)

Macquarie Online Test Interface. https://www.motif.org.au/bappaf


The Battery for Assessment of Plural Processing in Aphasia (Frequency) assesses the ability of people with aphasia to produce plurals, and the effects of frequency on this ability. Some people with aphasia make errors in their use of the plural inflection, perhaps producing a singular (e.g. two horse) when a plural is appropriate or vice versa (e.g. one horses), or use alternative ways to indicate number (e.g. horse, two of them). This test battery examines whether the ability of a person with aphasia to correctly process plurals varies depending on the frequency of the target word. By examining plural processing across four different tasks, it enables identification not only of whether processing of regular plural inflection is intact or impaired, but also the level of impairment in the language system that is the source of this impairment.

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