Junmin Li

Junmin Li

Visiting Researcher

School of Foreign Languages, Hangzhou City University

Macquarie University

Research Interests

Junmin’s research focuses on word recognition and morpheme processing of L2 learners. The processing of word recognition of orthographic and phonological information in reading is also the interest of her research. She is also interested in morpheme acquisition or instruction for L2 learners.

Junmin is a visiting researcher at Macquarie University coming from the School of Foreign Languages of Hangzhou City University in China. Her research stay in Sydney is funded by the China Scholarship Council (CSC).

Biography and Employment

Junmin Li received her bachelor’s degree in English from Hohai University. She completed her master’s degree at Zhejiang University, and accomplished her doctoral degree in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. She worked in Zhejiang University for 20 years and then transferred to Zhejiang University City College, which was renamed as Hangzhou City University in 2023. She used to visit UNSW Sydney in 2014 and worked with Professor Marcus Taft for a year.